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Kamchatka has long established itself as one of the most amazing corners of the Earth. Snow-covered mountain chains, volcano caldrons, acid lakes, a bear in company with cubs on the shore of a salmon-swarming river - all this is amazing Kamchatka. The tourist potential of the region is immeasurably rich, tourism is constantly gaining momentum here. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the peninsula. Due to the impassability and inaccessibility of territories - Kamchatka nature has preserved its primordial nature, and its animal world - its richness and diversity. With the company «ZHAKAN PLUS» you will spend an unforgettable hunting tour in the lands of southern and middle Kamchatka! The best hunting grounds, perfect hunting seasons, incredible hunting trophies are all «ZHAKAN PLUS». Each package of services includes: transfer to the airport in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and to hunting grounds, accommodation and meals in the comfortable hunting camp, guide-guide services, cooks, primary processing, packing of hunting trophies, registration of necessary documents.

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Bear hunt

Bear hunting

Kamchatka bear is really a worthy opponent for a man with a gun!

Elk hunt

Moose hunting

The forests of Kamchatka are the habitat of the largest kind of moose in the world!

Snow sheep hunting

Sheep hunting

Snow (bighorn) sheep - another large Kamchatka hunting trophy!



The rivers of Kamchatka are the home of the world's largest royal salmon!


The Kamchatka peninsula is a real bearish corner. Perhaps, nowhere on the planet does not remain so many brown bears, in Kamchatka their population is over 11 thousand individuals. This is the place where a real hunter can test himself! This animal, despite its seeming awkwardness, is fast, strong, cunning and dangerous. A bear is really a worthy opponent for a man with a gun. A Kamchatka brown bear can give odds to any professional hunter! This is the largest representative of brown bears in the world: there are specimens weighing up to 700-800 kg. Hunting for the Kamchatka brown bear is open two times a year, in the spring and in the autumn.
Spring Kamchatka brown bear hunting
It is held from April 25 to May 15 and takes place in the hunting grounds of Elizovsky and Bystrinsky districts of the Kamchatka Territory. During the spring hunt for the owner of the Kamchatka taiga, you will discover stunning views of snow-capped mountain cones from the side of the helicopter, you will race with a breeze along the tundra on a snowmobile, lay a ski trail through the May forest. Delivery to the places of hunting is carried out by a car with high patency or by helicopter.
Autumn Kamchatka brown bear hunting
In the autumn, when the Pacific salmon goes to spawn in the rivers and lakes of Kamchatka, a frowsy fisherman - a bear - enters the fishery. At this time, hunting for a bear can become a particularly bright adventure due to the rafting along the beautiful mountain river. The large spawning small river Icha on the west coast of Kamchatka is not accessible to people, so the route of the rafting passes through pristine places. The river itself, thanks to deep pits and clean belts, is convenient for fishing and hunting. The alloy runs on rubber boats with outboard motors. Autumn hunting for the brown bear runs from August 20 to November 15 in the upper part of the Ichi River. Hunting at this time can be combined with fishing of Kamchatka salmon. In addition to rafting, the tour offers a hunt for the brown bear. While the beast, forgetting about everything, enjoying berries and nuts of cedar wood, hunting for it will become fascinating and successful!

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On the whole Northern hemisphere of the Earth moose - one of the most enviable trophies among ungulates. The habitat of moose on Kamchatka is the northern part near the Penzhina river and the central part of the peninsula. The moose introduced to Kamchatka reached an incredible size, becoming the largest representative of the species in the world! Its massive horn-shaped horns with 38-40 sprouts on both shovels can reach more than 40 kg in weight and 2 meters in spans. The weight of an adult male reaches 810 kg.
Hunting for an moose with the help of a manga is fascinating, complex and adventurous. Despite the poor vision, the moose can boast an excellent hearing: with ears as radar, it scans the space 360 degrees around. It is not so easy to approach, without frightening the beast - this makes hunting for moose on the roar especially reckless, and prey - valuable. Traditionally, the hunting season is open from August 25 to December 15 and from September 15 to October 15, when the period of active rush comes.

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Along with the moose and the brown bear, the Kamchatka snow sheep (bighorn) is another visit card among the hunting trophies of Kamchatka. The snow sheep in Kamchatka, is the largest of all kinds of snow sheep living in Russia. The length of his body reaches 160-170 cm, and the weight from 56 to 150 kg. The head of this is crowned with amazing horns - that a true masterpiece of nature. Kamchatka sheep has the thickest horns among all the snow sheep of Asia, they have both males and females, and the length of the "decoration" can reach up to 1 meter.
The sheep dwells south of 600 North latitude, on the mountain slopes of the peninsula. His small but strong and muscular body and short legs allow the beast to deftly move through the rocky terrain, make jumps from a height of up to 3 meters. Hunting is carried out at an altitude of 1000 - 1700 m above sea level.
Fans of mountain hunting consider themselves to be the elite of the hunting world. Harsh natural conditions require the hunter considerable effort, endurance, good physical training and hunting experience in the mountains. The snow sheep has excellent vision, a well developed sense of smell and hearing, which, in combination with the mountain landscape, seriously complicates the extraction of such a trophy.

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Kamchatka is a real "Mecca" for lovers of fishing – such a variety of fish resources found nowhere else. Especially Kamchatka famous their kinds of salmon fish. With a tourist company "Zhakan plus" You will have unforgettable fishing trip in Kamchatka!
During fishing tours, you can catch the following kinds of fish:
Chinook (King salmon) is the largest fish from Pacific salmon. Its size and taste are famous all over the world, it's not for nothing that every fisherman dreams of catching a large salmon, Americans call it "Royal salmon", and the Japanese - "Prince of salmon"! Weigh chinook usually from 6 to 25 kg, some individuals reach 40 kg.
Sima, as well as other salmon, refers to objects of valuable fishing. It has a delicate taste, and the content of useful vitamins and minerals is not inferior to the rest of the salmon. It reaches a length of 63 cm, and its weight is about 6 kg. It has a silver color that dilutes black spots on the back and sides.
Rainbow trout is a relic endemic of the northern coast of the Pacific Ocean and one of the most interesting species of salmonids. The adult river and stream Rainbow trout weighs in average from 0.4 to 1.5 kg with a length of 30 to 50 cm. The lake and walk-through bloom can reach a weight of 9 kg at a length of 90 cm.
Silver trout - salmon fish with light orange meat, lives in almost all the rivers of Kamchatka. This fish is not as popular as other types of salmon, but it has all the useful properties of red fish.
Silver salmon is a fairly large fish, reaches 98 cm in length and can weigh 14 kg. Silver salmon has red, incredibly tasty meat. Scales have an expressive silver tide.

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